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Intensity Martial Arts Schools are ATA International affiliated Martial Arts Schools that focuses on the health and fitness of your entire body, mind, and spirit while learning effective self-defense techniques. We are a family oriented, traditional taekwondo schools with community, safety and achievement based learning at the core of our curriculum.

Whether you want to get fit, learn amazing self-defense skills, or find an outlet for your child to thrive in - we have programs to suit all your family needs. We offer martial arts training to pre-school age children (3-6 years old) through our ATA Tigers Program. Our Karate for Kids Program covers training for older kids (7-12) and we even have classes specifically designed for teenagers and adults, as well!

All classes are beginner-friendly and super FUN! Get ready to make some long-lasting friendships because you’ll feel a strong sense of community here. Instructors and students alike will encourage you to expand upward and outward and cheer you on whenever you accomplish something big or small. So get ready to see high fives galore!

Both our Kids and Adult classes are designed to meet your body, mind and spirit needs. There’s a connection between all three so what’s good for one is also good for the other two.

Chief Master Betsy Stevens
8th Degree Black Belt
Senior Master Tony Rosa
7th Degree Black Belt


6761 Stage Road
Bartlett, TN 38134
(901) 382-3832

1055 Goodman Road, Suite H
Southaven, MS 38671
(662) 890-4500

449 US-72 E, Unit 117
Collierville, TN 38017
(901) 221-7076